Student Government Association

Calendar of Events

SGA Officers (Student Government Association):

President: Lindsey Kimura
Vice President: Katelyn Shirai
Secretary: Lisa Ishimoto
Treasurer: Preston Udo

Class of 2014 Wolves:

President: Jin Harbour
Vice President: Adam Hill
Secretary: Skye Matsuura
Treasurer: Ren Kuwaye-Tamanaha

Class of 2015 Tigers:

President: Dayton Towata
Vice President: Mary Economy
Secretary: Marissa Hayashi
Treasurer: Erin Hakoda

Class of 2016 Panthers:

President: Calvin Uemura
Vice President: Jodie Tokihiro
Secretary: Taylor Nishimura
Treasurer: Shaina Matsuura

Class of 2017 Cobras:

President: Rachel Hu
Vice President: Zoi Nakamura
Secretary: Kiana Anderson
Treasurer: Kiani Nishimura

Student Government

At Waiakea High School, the student government encompasses clubs, organization, activites, and elections. Elected officers, chairpersons, and club members help to organize special events and activities for the student body.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is composed of elected students of Waiakea High School hoping to foster an understanding among students, faculty, and administration, in order to (1) promote school spirit and the general welfare of the school (2) secure the blessings of liberty and democracy for ourselves and our future Warriors. A primary goal of the SGA is to develop and promote good citizenship, healthy personalities, school spirit, and worthwhile student activities in cooperation with the administration.


Special Activities

Annual special occasions included on the WHS calendar: Junior Ball, Senior Prom, Freshmen and Sophomore Banquet, Homecoming, Senior Awards Night, the respective Class day, etc.

Clubs and Organizations

Waiakea High School has a variety of clubs and organizations available to the students on campus. Click on the link above to find a listing of the current clubs and a summary of each.