Tapu Taylor


Class of 1986




By Lyla Nii


Tapu Taylor is a sous chef at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. His is an assistant to the executive chef, but in the past he was an executive chef at the Naniloa Hotel. Tapu started helping in the kitchen at the age of 4 and ever since then he was always helping when his cousins would be out side playing.

He said that this career choose him. “I don’t like anything my job; at times, I hate it.  We work long hours, constantly around hot ovens and stove tops, steamy big steamers, never home for the holidays, pressures and stress from the never ending demand and changes of the culinary world.  But, I just love to cook and create signature dishes.  So, the job, I dislike, but the career, I love.”

He prepared for this career by taking culinary classes in middle school and Waiäkea High school, where he graduated in 1986.  He earned his Associates degree in food science from the Hawaii Community College.

Tapu say that the things that make his job worthwhile are the smiles on his guests’ faces, their gratitude and the oohs and aaahs while they enjoy their dining experience.