Sherri Hiraoka

Environmental Planner

Class of 1992




By Gloria Kobayashi



Sherri Hiraoka is an environmental planner for Townscape, Inc. in Honolulu.Her job is to provide the expertise in analyzing the impact a particular development will have on the environment, including writing the environmental impact statement, and planning for how the development will affect the natural resources, watershed, infrastructure and recreational use of the area.Some of the projects that she has been involved with include the Waianae Watershed Management Plan, the Waikoloa Employee Housing project concept plan, the Makaha Valley Cultural Center,and the Diamond Head Road makai recreation master plan.


††††††† Sherri graduated from Waiākea High in 1992, then earned a Bachelorís degree in biological sciences from the University of California at Irvine and a Masterís degree in Urban and Regional planning from University of Hawaii at Manoa.She also worked as an entomology technician at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


††††††† She said because her job requires her to become familiar with multiple disciplines of study such as engineering, architecture, social sciences, statistics, archaeology and cultural studies, it is always evolving and very interesting.It requires ďa holistic approach to looking at the world,Ē and good analytical thinking skills are necessary.A knowledge of Geographic Information Systems, a Computer Aided Design (CAD) course and a site planning course would also help.


††††††† At Waiākea, Sherri participated in student government, band, the Key Club, cross-country and track.She said high school provided her with a strong knowledge base, critical thinking skills, multi-tasking abilities, the importance of team work, responsibility, leadership skills and to enjoy what you do.