Shannon Kagawa


Class of 1992




By Tiffany Johnston


Shannon Kagawa is a 1992 graduate of Waiäkea High School.  In high school, Shannon was a cheerleader.  Some of her favorite memories include participating in Mock Trail and graduation.  She attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa, then Willamette University in Salem, Oregon and the California Western School, from where she obtained her law degree.

             She worked as a clerk at the First Circuit Court in Honolulu and learned about both civil and criminal cases.  She realized that she enjoyed the criminal cases and felt that the best way she could help others is through the prosecutor’s office, which is part of the government.  Shannon, who is married, has been working as a Deputy Prosecuting attorney in Hilo for about the last four years now.  At her job, Shannon along with her colleagues “pursues justice with integrity and commitment.”

        She recommends that students who are interested in going into law should participate in the Hawaii Teen Court or Mock trial programs.  Because law schools allow students from different backgrounds to enter into law school, students are free to major in any subject in college.