Peter Sur

News Reporter

Class of 2000





By Robyn Patterson


Peter Sur works as a staff writer for our local newspaper, the Hawaii Tribune- Herald.  Peter went to the University of Oregon and entered the School of Journalism and Communication.   In his freshman year of college, he began writing freelance stories for the Oregon Daily Emerald. He built a portfolio and during his last year of college sent that portfolio to the Hawaii Tribune Herald, and obtained a job there, first as an intern, then as a regular reporter.

On an average day, Peter meets with various people in our community, types in obituary notices and writes about such community issues as power outages, traffic fatalities and missing people.  He covers anything that happens in the evening and proofreads the final draft of the paper before it goes to the printing press.  When asked what he enjoys most about his job, he exclaims “ THE MONEY”, but, of course, he is joking. Peter really loves getting to meet the people that make up our small community.  “I take pride in being the eyes and ears of the Tribune Herald,” he says.

Peter graduated from Waiäkea High in 2000. When asked about his most memorable experiences while here, he lists 1) the time the HAZMAT crew circled the building in an effort to relieve the room of toxic chlorine gas caused by PH testing. 2) the incident where four cross country runners were suspended for 30 days for bringing pellet guns on campus, and 3) the great food fight of 2000. Apparently, he hid under the table until the carnage was over.  When asked who his favorite teachers were, he mentioned Mark Kloetzal, science; Patricia Richardson, Latin and Corliss Yamaki, English.  But, his favorite teacher is Mrs. Donna Tanabe, former newspaper instructor.

        When asked what advice he would give to an aspiring journalist, he suggests that students develop and stick to a plan as much as possible, to take all the tough courses, to develop a portfolio, and to be versatile.