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2010 Na Mea Students

Walk into the Waiakea High School Library today and royal blue banners with the smiling faces of 141 WHS alumni greet you.  These alumni exemplify how Waiakea High School alumni give back to their community through the jobs they hold.  All of the alumni were interviewed by students in Mrs. Gloria Kobayashi’s Library Research Skills classes.  Each graduate was asked about their chosen career and how Waiakea High School prepared them for it.  The selected alumni represent every graduating class until 2005 and live in Hilo, elsewhere in Hawaii, and across the continental United States.  There are even alumni who live in China, Taiwan and New Zealand.  Each person’s story is located on the “Na Mea Kupaianaha O Waiakea” link to the school’s webpage:  waiakeahigh.k12.hi.us.  Each story can be accessed by the graduate’s name, occupation, graduating class or by one of the years the Na Mea project was completed.

            We guarantee that you’ll know somebody on this website.  The most recent additions of 27 alumni were honored on Thursday, April 29, 2010 at a fundraising event for the Waiakea High School Foundation.

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