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2010 Na Mea Students

General Information about the Na Mea Kupaianaha O Waiakea Project


Walk into the Waiakea High School library and you’ll be sure to see a smiling face of someone you know.  There are 141 photos of Waiakea alumni, along with their career titles and years of graduation hanging from the library’s walls.  They are all part of the Nā Mea Kupaianaha O Waiākea project, which translates into “All that is Wonderful and Extraordinary at Waiākea High School.”


  The fourth year of the Na Mea project culminated on April 29, 2010 with a celebration of 27 more alumni who were interviewed by Library Research Skills students in Mrs. Gloria Kobayashi’s classes.  Believing that a school’s success is best measured by what its graduates accomplish after high school, Mrs. Kobayashi began the project as a way to highlight alumni and their careers.


  Alumni are chosen by the jobs they do, and their 141 photos and stories are arranged according to the school’s  six career academies:  Arts and Communications; Business; Health and Fitness; Public and Human Services; Industrial Technology and Engineering; and Pacific Rim Cultures and Natural Resources.


  A Business-Education Partnership grant expanded the project from a purely academic focus to a more entrepreneurial one.   Library Research Skills students have been involved in each stage of the Waiakea High School Foundation’s fundraising event on April 29, 2010.  They sent out over 900 written invitations and e-mails inviting alumni, parents and community members to make donations to the Foundation and to attend the event.  They appeared on KTA’s Living in Paradise program, created a printed flyer for the event and helped to plan and prepare for the program.


          You may access these interviews by last name, career or graduating class.


Na Mea gallery in library


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