Nā Mea Kupaianaha O Waiākea


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Nā Mea Kupaianaha O Waiākea, “All that is Wonderful and Extraordinary at Waiakea High School,” is a unique cross-generational project where Waiakea High School students interviewed and wrote the following webpage articles about Waiakea High School alumni regarding their careers and how Waiakea prepared them for life after high school.  

2008 Students   This is the third year of the Na Mea project, which was developed by school librarian, Gloria Kobayashi, who had her library research skills students e-mail these alumni.  Co-librarian, Rosemary French, created the webpage.


          This year, 20 alumni were interviewed.  In celebration of the school’s 30th anniversary, a Nā Mea Kupaianaha O Waiākea book was published which features a history of the school and organizations as well as 43 interviews.  In addition to the webpage and print articles, the Na Mea project also features a colored photo collage of these alumni.  All together, 109 photos hang in the school library, arranged by the school’s six career academies:  Arts and Communications; Business; Health and Fitness; Public and Human Services; Industrial Technology and Engineering; and Pacific Rim Cultures and Natural Resources.

          The newly established Waiakea High School Foundation has held major fundraising events utilizing the Na Mea project.  The first one was on April 11, 2006, the night of the administration building fire.  The second fundraiser was on Wednesday, May 16, 2007.  The third one was held May 14, 2008. At these events, students and alumni had their first opportunity to meet each other in person because most communication was done via e-mail.  The Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 entity, supporting the school through a fund-raising campaign with a goal of one million dollars.


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