Myles Kuikahi

Bounty Hunter/Bail Bondsman

Class of 1994





By Brittney George



Myles Kuikahi is a bounty hunter and a bail bondsman.He is affiliated with Joannaís Bail-bonds and has his own staff to schedule court appearances, collecting monthly fees and to ensure that his clients follow the rules set by the courts while they are out on bail.If you are arrested and put in jail and need money to get out of jail, he will bail you out.However, if you donít pay him back, he will arrest you and put you back in jail.Myles learned this business through his association with his gym workout partner, who owned his own agency.

It is pretty tough to become a licensed bail bondsman in the state of California.One must pass a test similar to the Administration of Justice classes that police officers must pass as well as a series of classes dealing with bail procedures.A bail bondsman is licensed by the California Department of Insurance and is also subject to an extensive background investigation that makes sure that he doesnít have a criminal record.Also, he has to be in good physical shape because of the demands of his job, which include hunting down the people who are bailed out and getting them to appear at court on their scheduled court date.

The most exciting experience that Myles shared involved a murder case with one of his clients, who had been in and out of jail throughout her life. One morning, she showed up in his office looking like she had stayed up for several days and confessed that she had killed a man the night before and needed his help. At that moment, Myles felt his stomach turn with a hundred conflicting emotions going through his head.Apparently, the day before, his client had gotten into an argument with one of the biggest crystal methamphetamine suppliers in California over a deal that went wrong.That argument led to a fight, which resulted in his client shooting the dope dealer in the chest three times and left him dead in her apartment.While she was at his office, Myles talked his client into calling the police.Within minutes, a swarm of marked and unmarked police cars and SWAT vehicles surrounded the outside of his office, with 30 officers drawing their guns.Myles walked her over to the lead homicide detective who was waiting for her to come out.His client surrendered herself in a calm manner and even thanked him as she was handcuffed.This story was featured on the front page of the newspaper and the local TV stations.

Because Myles deals with career criminals accused of violent and heinous crimes, his job can be very dangerous and he has to be very careful and make good judgment calls. He has learned over the years to try to stay one step ahead and treat his clients with respect.In his business, respect is most definitely a two-way street and when you give respect you get it back.He says thatís how he keeps a good working relationship with his clients.††

Myles believes that most of his clients are not guilty of the crimes they are being accused of; many just happen to be caught within the gray areas of the law.He gains great satisfaction when he sees the relief of his clientís parents when they know that everything is going to be okay.

Myles was also a competitive bodybuilder and learned the importance of a disciplined schedule of eating, sleeping, and training to grow and put on quality muscle.Although he no longer competes in bodybuilding shows, he continues to work out and stay in shape.

As a Waiakea High graduate with the class of 1994, Myles says he was fortunate to have good friends and supportive teachers who showed him that it is important to do your best in all aspects of life and to live your life to the fullest.He also said that going to Waiakea made him appreciate growing up in a place like Hilo, where the pace of life is a little slower, people are a little more attentive and thoughtful, and things simpler.


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