Michelle Martines

Fast Food Supervisor

Class of 1985





By Sasha Hose



Michelle Martines is a hard-working woman who is an assistant manager for Café 100, in charge of the day shift.  She creates the weekly work schedules, trains new employees, records the daily menu, efficiently waits on customers and handles any problems with the daytime operations of the 60-year old restaurant business, which is known as the “Home of the Loco Moco.”  Michelle began her first day of work at Café 100 as a cashier on August 6, 1987, and in the almost 20 years she has worked at this family-owned business, was promoted to supervisor and then assistant manager.  Her own day-to-day experiences and a leadership seminar helped her to become assertive and a good trainer.

        Trying to make sure that every customer is served the meals they have ordered as fast as possible is the goal at Café 100, and when all the employees do their jobs and everything runs smoothly, Michelle gets an adrenaline rush.  But, when the lunch line is long and a customer takes forever to place his order, causing the others in the back to become anxious and irritated, her diplomatic skills really come in handy.  Yes, she has been yelled at by irate customers!  However, some of the celebrity customers that she has met while working at Café 100 include U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye, Frank DeLima and Henry Kapono.

        Michelle graduated from Waiakea High School in 1985 and says that math courses best helped prepare her for this job.  She remembers Mr. Roy Yonemori, Mr. Takao Shikuma, Mrs. Cherlyn Chong and Mrs. Catherine Campainha as favorite teachers.  She also has an Associate degree in Nursing from the Hawaii Community College.  She is married to Nolan and has three children.

        Among the other Waiakea High School graduates working at Café 100 are Kelly Veriato-Pulgados, Aron Hainrrik, Crystal Haa and Gaylen Oda.



Michelle, Aron Hainrrik, Crystal Haa