Megan Hirae


Class of 1993




By Cary Oshiro


Megan Hirae is a retail pharmacist at KTA Superstores.  As a retail pharmacist, her main job is to fill prescriptions ordered by doctors.  She also checks for potential drug interactions, duplications in therapy, and allergies Because pharmacists are also the most accessible health care providers in the community, their customers often ask them for their medical opinions.  A big part of her job is to help her patients understand the medication they are taking and to answer any questions they may have.

To become a pharmacist you must complete the pre-pharmacy coursework, which includes two to three years of undergrad work.  After that you must earn a PharmD (Doctorate in Pharmacy) degree, which takes an additional four years of college.  Having work experience in the field is also very helpful, but is not required.  Megan attended the University Of Washington as an undergraduate, and then continued to the University Of Washington School Of Pharmacy, to get her PharmD degree.

        While Megan was still in high school and a part of the class of 1993, she knew that she wanted to become a pharmacist, but also considered a career in engineering.  During her summers in high school, she worked part-time at the Hilo Hospital in the Extended Care and Pharmacy departments.  She also interned at Highline Community Hospital Pharmacy while in pharmacy school,

All four of the pharmacists at KTA Puainako Pharmacy are graduates of Waiäkea High School: Manager, Kerri Okamura; Assistant Manager, Michele Yonemori; Lara Nakano and Megan.