Lee Urasaki

Auto Mechanic

Class of 1987




By Katie Mulliken


Lee Urasaki is the owner and president of Masa’s Shell Service Station in downtown Hilo. After graduating from Waiäkea in 1987, he attended the Hawaii Community College, where he earned an AS degree, and also a Shell Dealer’s School in California.  He continues his education by taking a national test every five years to maintain his MasterTech status. 

        Lee’s father owned and managed Masa’s Shell since 1966, so Lee was not unfamiliar with the business.  Like many, he aspired to be like his father.  Lee has always enjoyed figuring out how things worked mechanically, taking then apart and putting them back together again.  In his business, he is always learning new things and keeping up with the technology.

        Waiäkea High has never left Lee.  His wife, Jasmine, is our current Vice Principal.  Waiäkea left Lee with many good memories, especially those of his auto shop class with Mr. Frank Marsh and the Sea Cadet Program with Mr. Gary Beals. He advises students to get a good education, learn from other people, gain work experience, and always give your best (110%)!  Masa’s Shell employs many high school students.  What Lee looks for in an employee is a good attitude, good interaction with people, good communication skills, punctuality, neatness and honesty.    


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