Karah Yoshida

X-Ray Technician

Class of 1998




By Derrick Takase



Karah Yoshida is an X-ray technician at the Hilo Medical Center.†† She is responsible for taking radiographs through the use of ionizing radiation.She must follow proper safety measures to ensure that her patients are exposed to proper amounts of radiation which is based on the patientís size and age.

††††††† The Emergency Room at the Hilo Medical Center is the second busiest in the State.There are four X-ray machines in the X-ray facility, two portable machines and two in the operating room.

Some of the most interesting patients she has met include a person who crashed his motorcycle and smashed his lower leg.Another one was a Pohakuloa soldier involved in an explosion. The best part about her job is that she gets to help other people and the worst thing is doing enemas.

Karah chose her career because it seemed like a fun and interesting job.She attended Oregon State University, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and UH Hilo. She completed a two-year radiologic technology program at the Kapiolani Community College.Her training included one year of prerequisites and four-hour observations at an x-ray facility.She also had to pass a licensing exam.†† X-ray technicians must be able to explain the procedures they follow to their patients, be good in math and problem solving and be familiar with the human anatomy.

††††††† Some of her favorite memories from Waiakea High School include newswriting and yearbook classes with Mrs. Donna Tanabe.

††††††† In her spare time, Karah enjoys hanging out with her friends and relaxing.†† From the age of 12, she grew up with triplets Scott, Jill and Derrick (author of this piece), who required a lot of care.

††††††† Also working as X-ray technicians at the Hilo Medical Center are Gavin Ikeda and Paul Kahana, both members of the class of 2000.