Lt. Justin Kimura

Coast Guard Officer

Class of 1994




By Roxanne Sewake


Lieutenant Justin Kimura is the Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard Cutter Kiska, a 110 foot patrol boat which frequently patrols the main Hawaiian Islands supporting missions such as search and rescue, homeland security, law enforcement, and marine safety.  Lt. Kimura is ultimately responsible for the safety and operations of the Kiska and her 18-man crew.  He is expected to take care of his crew while following his command philosophy, which focuses on safety, teamwork, readiness, responsibility, innovation and the Coast Guard’s core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty.

        Lt. Kimura is a 1994 graduate of Waiäkea High School who continued to pursue his dream of becoming a part of the United States military by graduating from the United States Coast Guard Academy.  When he was in the 5th grade, he wanted to join the Air Force Academy and become an Air Force Pilot.  However, his vision precluded him from doing so.

        Along with having fun and enjoying what he does, Lt. Kimura has gained numerous benefits from serving our country.  There are privileges such as the Base Exchange for shopping, full medical coverage, and having a steady pay.  He also gets to see the world in places all over the US, Mexico, Canada, and as far away as Russia and Guam.  To people who are interested in joining the US forces, Lt. Kimura would recommend that they thoroughly research what you want to do by talking to people who have served and by visiting military units.  “Take time to set solid goals” he says, “no matter how far away they seem.”