Jesse Ebersole


Class of 1987




By Kaili Harrison



When you hear the Rescue Squad siren speeding up the road, know that someone will soon be getting some needed medical attention.  Jesse Ebersole has worked for the Hawaii County Fire Department as a Firefighter/MICT for 15 years and has been an MICT (mobile intensive care technician) for 13.   In the course of his work, he has seen people lose their lives.  He said,  “Sometimes it’s a matter someone being so extremely sick due to their traumatic injury or underlying health problems that there is nothing that can be done to save them.” In other circumstances, someone may die because a life saving intervention was unsuccessful.  Luckily, there have been more cases of saving people’s lives.

Jesse’s initial EMT training took four months, then after gaining experience working as an EMT in Honolulu, he underwent one year of intensive training to become an MICT.  This included six months of 8-hour classroom training, followed by a month of hospital clinical rotations.  He then spent seven months as an intern on the busiest ambulances in Honolulu and on the Big Island.  Jesse says “as an intern you try to manage all the calls under the direct supervision of a certified MICT who mentors, teaches, supports and evaluates you along the way.” When asked what it was like to a paramedic he replied: “Working as an MICT is an extremely rewarding career for me. It’s a physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging job.”

Jesse feels great satisfaction in his career and is happy to have found a job that he is passionate about. “I work for an outstanding Fire Department with good people and have the opportunity to help take care of the people in my community and make a positive impact during their time of need.”

Jesse graduated with the class of 1987 from Waiakea High School. He remembers the good times he had with his friends and says that his teachers and coaches had a positive impact on his life.  Mr. Ken Yamase’s advanced guidance class led him to his current career.  Until then, he had no idea what he was wanted to do with his life.  Jesse is married to his high school sweetheart, the former Michele Goya, who is an Assistant Professor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo’s Education Department.  They have two children, Jamie and Mari.

Other Waiakea High School graduates who work as firefighters or MICTs at the County Fire Department include:  Curt Oishi, Terrance Andrade, Jerry Lum, Richard Wells, Daniel Leite, Daniel Dierking and Christopher Hipsher.

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