Jasmine Urasaki

Vice Principal

Class of 1988




By Tianah Balberde   



Jasmine Urasaki, a 1988 graduate, has served as Vice Principal at Waiakea High School for five years.  She decided to go into administration because her math position at Waiakea was being eliminated.  Waiakea is the only place she has ever worked.  Her main responsibilities are making sure all school operations are in safe and working condition.  She disciplines students, calling parents, and investigating and mediating issues between all parties.  She supervises the custodial, cafeteria and security staff.   Since the vice principal position involves all phases of the operation of the school,  it is good that she enjoys the fast pace and daily action that the position involves.  Interacting with students and trying to make a positive difference in their lives brings her job satisfaction.

 After graduating from Waiakea, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from the University of Portland, a Masters of Education in Professional Development from Heritage College and a Masters of Education in Educational Administration from University of Hawaii at Manoa.

During her tenure, she has worked under four principals:  Dr. Judith Saranchock, Mr. Herb Zane, Mr. Ron Furukawa, and Dr. Patricia Nekoba. 

While in high school, Mrs. Urasaki played softball and basketball and was active in J-Teens, the student credit union and class and SGA activities, including the Homecoming float and Winterball.  She really enjoyed high school and was ecstatic when she got a teaching job at her own high school. 

        She loves to travel, having been to eight states and eighteen foreign countries.  She is currently at home with Carys, born December 16, and Brynne, age 21 months. 


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