Dr. Jadelyn Moniz-Nakamura


Class of 1986




By Cody Moniz



Dr. Jadelyn Moniz-Nakamura is an Integrated Resources Manager at the

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  She manages the Archeology and Caves programs for the national park, looking for and inventorying archeological sites and associated artifacts, surveying and mapping caves and recording and protecting the biological, geological and archeological resources found within the park.

        As part of her job she writes staff and historical reports and gives public presentations.  She also manages, contracts and assists other national parks in the Pacific Islands’ network with their inventory and database management of archeological sites.

        Jadelyn graduated from Waiäkea in 1986, then received a bachelor’s degree in history and anthropology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, then a masters in anthropology with an emphasis in archeology, and finally, a PhD in archeology, for a total of 13 years of college.  Her best classes at Waiäkea were AP history and Directed Studies in science because they best prepared her for her career.

        She enjoys working for the national park saying, “I feel lucky to be able to come home and do what I enjoy doing.  I think the education that I got at Waiäkea was a good foundation to getting me where I am today.”


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