Glenn Takase

Real Estate Broker

Class of 1984




By Zena Heu



Glenn Takase is the principal broker at Coldwell Banker Day-Lum Properties, which is a full service real estate office handling vacant land, residential and commercial sales and leasing.  In addition to handling real estate sales, he trains and oversees 32 sales agents in his office.  He is responsible for creating policies and procedures for each agent to follow, maintaining records of all of their transactions, reviewing their contracts and advertising materials and advising them when they or their clients have a problem.  His real estate company handles between $60 to $80 million in sales a year.

  After he graduated from Waiäkea High School in 1984, Glenn went to Willamette University, then the University of Hawaii at Hilo and the Vitousek Real Estate School to prepare for his career.

        The main thing that happened at Waiäkea High School that stands out in his mind was when his classmate caught on fire in Chemistry class.  She wasn’t badly hurt, but her eyelashes, eyebrows and bangs were gone!

        Waiäkea High School gave him the foundation for learning and helping him to work in a service related filed.  Many of his classmates and people he knew from high school still remember him, so he says that it is very important to be nice to every one you meet in high school.   He said, “They may be your future client, co- worker or even your future boss.”

        The best thing Glenn likes about his job is meeting people from all over the world and helping them achieve the “American  Dream” of home ownership.


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