Eric Tao

Real Estate developer

Class of 1985




By Neil Cabote



Eric Tao is a real estate developer, and restaurant and night club owner in San Francisco. The development company is called Agicapital, Inc. the restaurant, Hukilau and the night club, Suede.  He says that these businesses bring great pleasure to him, especially when he sees a crowd of people laughing and having a good time at a place that he created.  He and his three partners, all from Hawaii, now have three Hukilau Restaurants and have released the first live At Da Hukilau CD showcasing all the bands that play there.

He became a developer after working as an attorney for nearly five years because he was interested in building neighborhoods and communities through homes and high rise towers.  He enjoys the challenge of starting from nothing, bringing together pieces to create a reality.  He has completed over $100 million in real estate developments and is currently working on a 22-story tower in the middle of San Francisco.

Eric is a 1985 graduate of Waiäkea High who graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, California. He said that his most important memories about Waiäkea were  outstanding teachers who truly cared and students who also truly cared for one another. It gave him confidence, a sense of security and place which prepared him to take on any challenge.  He also advises that if you leave and explore different opportunities, you should never be ashamed of your roots in Hilo, which is an amazing place, with its own unique culture and physical beauty.