Dennis Yoshida

Marine Architect/Engineer

Class of 1993





By Chelsey Buyuan




Dennis Yoshida is the Director of Technical Operations for Norwegian Cruise Lines.  He is in charge of all maintenance and operations of the technical equipment aboard their vessels.  This includes keeping track of the maintenance budget and ensuring that all vessels operate in the safest and most economical manner.  Safety of the crew, passengers and the ship are his highest priority.  His onboard team follows strict company procedures to make sure equipment machinery and spaces meet company standards, including cleanliness and general appearance.  He also has to stay within a set budget to run the ship in the most efficient and economic business manner.

        Dennis has found that his job as a marine architect and engineer is a great combination of engineering and working close to the water.  Dennis was selected to attend the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York after graduating from Waiakea High in 1993.  At the Academy, he completed a mini boot camp, complete with shaved head and a drill sergeant and a rigid schedule of classes, which had to be completed in three years instead of the usual four years.  His final year at the Academy was broken up into two 6-month periods, where hands-on at sea training allowed him to travel to Japan, China, Korea, Guam, Canada, up and down the West Coast and also to Hawaii.  He graduated from the Academy in 1997 with both a Bachelor of Science degree and his U.S. Coast Guard 3rd Engineer’s license.

        Rather than going on active duty with the Merchant Marine, Dennis spent time in reserve duty, working with MARAD (Maritime Administration) and in offices in the U.S.

        A marine architect works on the design of a vessel, while a marine engineer takes the design and builds it.  Jobs in the field include designers, engineers (electrical, mechanical and nuclear), project engineers, project managers, and industrial technology.  They may work at such large companies as Caterpillar, Boeing, General Electric and Siemens.  Before joining NCL, Dennis also worked for Det Norske Veritas and Siemens.

        While at Waiakea, he joined the soccer team as a freshman and remembers getting a little hazing from the upperclassmen.  During his senior year, the team went on to the state tournament and lost to the eventual champion, Kalaheo.


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