Darin Gumbs

Radio Personality

Class of 1993




By Neil Cabote


Darin Gumbs, better known as Gumby, is a program director on “DA BEAT FM,” 95.9.   He is on the air from 6-10 a.m. on the morning show, Monday through Friday, He got into the radio DJ business through meeting J.E. Orosco at the McDonald’s Restaurant in Waimea when he helped him with a fishing derby and teen dance for the radio station.

        Since most radio DJ’s don’t spin the music themselves, but utilize the computer to program the music, ads, etc., Darin says that training for his job requires basic computer and speaking skills and the rest is learned  “on the job.”  However, because every morning show needs to have “fresh” material, he says “I seriously recommend that you be weird!  Look at all the radio people you’ve met, we’re all weird.”  The things that bring him job satisfaction include working with Justin Duty, getting paid to talk and sit in an air-conditioned room, and getting free McDonald’s food.  The morning show is the most popular show on the radio, followed by the afternoon, midday and night slots.

As a graduate of Waiäkea High in 1993, he remembers eating lunch at Mrs. (Patricia) Ozeki class watching the Frugal Gourmet television program, and coloring her staples.  His advice to students is: “Help the pet population; have your pet neutered.”


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