Christine Miyasaki


Class of 1997




By Jonathan Oshiro



Christine Miyasaki is a veterinarian at the VCA Family Animal Hospital in Pearl City, Oahu.  She wanted to become a vet for as long as she can remember.  To become a vet, she said that you must like working with animals, have a penchant for scientific investigation, a compassionate nature and a commitment to the health and well-being of all animals.  The most interesting animal she ever worked with was a loveable grey gelding (horse) that was a her patient for a couple of weeks when she was a vet student at Cornell University.  The horse displayed no ego even though its winnings totaled two million dollars!  She likes working with all types of animals, but loves puppies and kittens the best. 

        Christine graduated from Waiäkea in 1997, then received a B.A. in biochemistry at Lewis and Clark College and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University in 2005.  While at Waiäkea, she enjoyed the homecoming competitions between the classes and chaired the song and cheer contests during her sophomore and senior years.