Charleann Martin

Correctional Officer

Class of 1990





By Angelina Palma



Charleann Martin is a correctional officer at the Maui Community Correctional Center for the past two and half years.  As a correctional officer, Charleann’s job is to maintain the security and safety of all the inmates and the public at large.  At a time when jobs in Hawaii were scarce, she applied for the job via the Internet on a whim.  She took and passed both the written and physical agility tests, then, soon after, received a letter asking her to report for job training. Although she didn’t need to have any formal college coursework to get her job, she studied Criminal Justice at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas for approximately three years.

        Working with prisoners may not be the most glamorous thing, but Charleann is happy at her job because she is able to counsel the inmates and helps them receive educational classes, group therapy and other recovery efforts.   She is grateful that her commanding officer and her co-workers make her job safe and comfortable.  She looks forward to the day when each person becomes an honest citizen and changes their way of life so they can become a productive member of society.

        Charleann prepared for her job by completing training classes on the job.  The classes gave her a detailed look about the daily operations of correctional life and how to respond to emergency situations. The threat of violence is something she lives with daily.  Yet, she feels it’s a great job with good pay and encourages anyone who may be afraid to apply to reconsider.

        Charleann is a class of 1990 Waiakea High School graduate.  She reminisces: “Trying to fit in somewhere or with someone, I learned to fit in with everyone in my own way. High school prepared me for that by exposing me to different people from different backgrounds, income brackets, and lifestyles and how to work together to produce one common end result: making it through life.”

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