Cary Honda

Certified Public Accountant

Class of 1983





By Gloria Kobayashi



Cary Honda is a certified public accountant with the firm, Honda, Tsukiji and Associates, LLP.  As an accountant he helps individuals and businesses with the preparation of income tax filing and financial statements, tax and financial planning.  All of this requires a lot of reading and interpreting of the federal tax code, which is often changed.  His says that the “fun” part of his job is helping people by making sure that they don’t pay any more than their fair share of taxes.  “Most people come to our office knowing very little about all the complexities that make up the tax code and because of this, filling taxes is like pulling teeth, very unpleasant.  People also worry when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, so, besides saving people money, Cary helps give them peace of mind by counseling them on what to do.

        Cary graduated from Waiakea High in 1983, then graduated from Santa Clara University with an undergraduate degree in Accounting.  An accounting background provides a lot of flexibility for anyone planning to enter the business field because you get to understand how companies must operate in order to be successful.

        In preparation for his career, Cary credits Mr. Robert Kawachika, his accounting teacher, who encouraged him to pursue this field and provided him an opportunity to enter a state competition in accounting.