Brian DeMattos


Class of 1992




By Jeremy Tomono


What is the first thing you do in the morning, and the last thing you do before you go to bed?For most people, that would be using the bathroom.Now, who makes sure that everyoneís bathrooms, showers, and sinks are working?The plumber, of course!Brian DeMattos operates DeMattos Plumbing, a 30-year old family business that his father started.Although he studied agriculture at the Hawaii Community College, he felt it would be a mistake to let the business die.After all, plumbers are always in demand.He has been working for the company for a total of 10 years, including his high school days.Because there is no plumbing program at the community college, he received most of his training while on-the-job.

He says that the most enjoyable part about his job is that he gets to travel to different places.He may be doing the same thing over and over, but itís at different locations and a different experience each time.He said that there are many misconceptions about plumbers like that itís an easy job and that they make lot of money.However, that is not true.While unclogging toilets, Brian has found rings and even huge toys in the pipelines.

When working on new residential construction, the plumber usually makes three separate trips to the jobsite.During the first visit, all pipelines are laid out before the concrete slab is poured.The second time lasts around six days and all the water lines to the kitchen and bathroom and cesspool system are installed.The final installation is when bathroom fixtures and pipes are tested to make sure they are working properly.Most of his work is currently in East Hawaii, where he is the regular plumber for several established building contractors.His most recent large job was Hank Correaís 2-story office building with twelve offices and eight bathrooms.

Brianís hobbies include participating in rodeo where his specialty is roping.He trained to be a ferrier, a person who is able to install shoes on horses.He is married and has adopted his nephew, who is currently in the 8th grade.

As a graduate of the Class of 1992, Brian remembers his agriculture teacher, Mr. Gerod Victorine and his PE teacher, Mr. Wayne Yamauchi.