Brandon Torres

Computer Technician

Class of 1996




By: Kawika Kaeha


Brandon Torres is a Computer Technician for iLan-Tech LLC, a company he established with some of his friends from college.  They include Paul Bueltmann, Christian Boado, Janice Ikeda Ohia (Waiakea High class of 1993), and Aaron Savage (Waiakea High class of 1995).  Brandon is part of the class of 1996.  The company’s name is a play on words for internal LAN or local area network.  Their first client was Waiakea High School and its business department.

        Brandon chose this profession because he was drawn to computers and how they worked and functioned.  He also enjoyed problem solving and helping the other people.  “There is nothing like the feeling,” he says, “to see a person at wits end with their computer, then to return it to them with all of their problems solved.”

        Waiakea prepared Brandon for his present job because he really enjoyed a directed studies class he took with Mr. Dan Banks, a former business teacher.  He also studied Information Technology at the Hawai’i Community College.  An Information Technology major learns everything about computer software and hardware and computer networking.  Because computer technology grows rapidly and changes quickly, he is always learning.

        Brandon tells his clients to explore their computer and to not be afraid of doing harm to it.  He says, “Be cautious, but do not let fear limit the possibilities that your computer is capable of.  If you do harm it, a solution is only a phone call away.”

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