Anthony Pagan

Boxing Trainer

Class of 1985




By Chanel Fontes


Anthony Pagan is a boxing trainer for the AP Boxing Club. AP stands for Anthony Pagan. The club has been in existence for around 12 years and meets at the Waiakea Recreation Center. He trains his boxers four days a week for about two hours a session. The boxers run, do cardio workouts and push ups, work their abs, and practice mitt training and sparring to get ready for fights.AP Boxing club is the only amateur boxing club on the Island, so his boxers have to travel off-island for their matches.†† This means they have to do a lot of fundraising to pay for their travel expenses.

††††††† Before Anthony became a trainer, he was a boxer for twelve years. He won the Golden Glove in 1995 and was the State champion in 1997. His trainers were Rudy Valentino, Walter Carvalho. Mr. Silva, his last trainer, took him all the way to the State championships.After he won these titles, he and his wife Desha decided to share his techniques and know-how with kids. Thatís why he opened his club.†† Currently, the strongest fighter at his gym is Ezra Cabang, a five-time State champ.

Girls also train at his gym; some of them just want to train while others train to fight in the ring. He treats both sexes equally, but says he gives the girls more attention because they are more disciplined. The boxersí ages run from 6 to 25. According to Anthony, the easiest part about being a trainer is showing up to open the gym.The hardest thing is working with the kids and giving each of themindividual attention. Anthony observed that amateur fighting is a lot safer due to the use of the head helmet and the mouthpiece.He loves what he does because he likes seeing his kids do well in school, in life, and in boxing.

Anthony graduated from Waiakea High school in 1987. His best times at Waiakea were spent hanging around with his friends.The special people he remembers include Principal Dan Sakai and Mrs. Pearl Kailimai, who helped him out a lot with his work. He also remembers all the fights that occurred and said there are a lot more buildings on campus than when he was here.

His daughter Ashlynn is currently a freshman at Waiakea.Daughter Aisha attends Waiakea Intermediate School and son Anthony Jr. (TJ) attends Waiakeawaena School. His wife continues to be very supportive of his work. Anthony is also an educational assistant and security guard at Hilo High School.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††