Alison Saito-Higa

Hair stylist

Class of 1982





By:Courtney Kamai-Veincent



††††††† Alison Saito is a hairstylist with Hair Reflections in Aiea.Alison does anything that has to do with hair and the beauty industry.She gives haircuts, perms, straighteners, colors, and highlights.On the business end, she books all her appointments, answers the telephone, purchases and stocks product, keeps financial records and, finally, clean ups.

Alison studied cosmetology at BJís Beauty College and Bates Vocational School in Tacoma, Washington.It took almost two years and 2000 hours of book and practical work experience as a hairdresser to get her license in cosmetology and barbering.In Hawaii, a licensee needs only 1800 hours.Continuing education is vital to stylists.They regularly attend shows and take classes to learn new trends.

Before moving to Honolulu in 2002, she worked at Ben & Company, Regis Salon and operated her own salon, Alís Shear Innovations.

She enjoys her job because, more than just creating a new hairstyle utilizing her special skills and talents, she hopes that a good hairstyle will make a person feel better about themselves.This requires careful listening to what the client really wants.The current popular hairstyle is to look like various Korean soap stars.

How much a hairstylist makes is dependent on good service, the rates they are willing to set and how busy they are.Alison speaks from experience because she has been a hairstylist for 23 years.

As a member of the class of 1982, Alison still has many good memories about attending Waiakea High School.She says she probably did more extra curricular (class and service projects) than she spent time studying.She still keeps in touch with her close high school friends and remembers Mrs. Janice Jenner, Mrs. Pat Ozeki, Mrs. Pat Morimoto and Mr. Harris Asahara as supportive teachers.


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