Alane Fieldson

Graphic/Web Designer

Class of 1997





By Chanel Chamberlin-Bautista



Alane Fieldson is a graphic designer/illustrator and web designer. While still at Waiakea High School, she started her own website to feature her illustrations, and taught herself to write HTML in Notepad by experimentation, using tutorials and tips.  After graduating from Waiakea in 1997, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art at UH Hilo.  She worked with the UHH Graphics Department as a designer and earned an on-the-job education in print design.  While working there, she was given a copy of Dreamweaver and Fireworks, and a UHH department site to work on. 

After graduation, she began work as an entry-level graphic designer for a small design/ad agency.  A few months into the job, a client asked her to create a big website for their organization.  Thus began her adventure as a web designer.  In the ensuing years, creating websites has become her primary function.  She recently moved to Kilauea Webworks, where she has the title of Web Designer.  She also continues to freelance creating graphic designs in print and illustration.

According to Alane, the hardest part of being a web designer is developing the skillset to design and build a website - “it’s an interesting mix of art and technology which requires you to continually add to your arsenal. You need to delight in the acquisition of information.”  This requires putting a part of herself into all of her work.  She stays current with what’s happening with standards and browsers to ensure that her website creations will function between platforms. For commercial projects, she considers the end-user and designs a site that is not only attractive, but usable to a very broad audience. And because each website has different needs and purposes, she has also learned to create applications to interact with the user such as a calendar, shopping cart, content management, tracking, etc. She has learned some of the basics of programming in perl and php to install and modify programs to suit her client’s needs.

Alane loves being able to first conceptualize, then to finally realize her client’s goals in print and digital mediums.  She also enjoys furthering her knowledge in her field and developing a unique skill set, all on her own, and being able to blend creative and technical ideas together.

Alane’s role model is her mother, who is a successful artist. She respects her mother’s ability to support a household entirely through her art and admires her mother’s keen intelligence, wisdom, and her passion for learning and experimentation.

Even with a busy schedule, Alane manages to keep in contact with her friends from Waiakea.  She says that she is a terrible correspondent, but happens to work with a friend from high school.  When at Waiakea, she used to haunt H-building, the art room, Mrs. Pearson’s class, and later on, Mrs. Palea’s class. Of the socially-awkward late teenage years she says, “I was a geek of the first degree.  Well, I still am come to think of it!”

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