Frequently Asked Questions

1) What should I know before contacting the webmasters?

The Webmasters' Team will only respond to email regarding (a) Technical Difficulties (b) Special Requests To Post Information (c) Questions Regarding Information Currently Posted On the Web Site (d) Constructive Criticism Or Praise With The Intent Of Aiding The Webmasters. Hate mail will be ignored. For all other purposes, please refer to the following:

Frequently Addressed Subjects

Alumni who wish to contact faculty members, please refer to the Contacting Faculty web page.

The Webmasters' Team will NOT respond to students who request alumni contact information. The Webmasters' Team does not function as an information service.

Other questions regarding transcripts, applications for employment, etc should be directed to the main office. See the Contact Information web page.

2) What is the address / telephone / fax number of the school?

155 W. Kawili Street

Hilo, HI  96720


808-974-4880 (fax)

Click here for staff directory

3) How do I interpret a classroom number (example Z-103)? How do I find my way around campus?

Each of the buildings are assigned a letter of the alphabet. The first number following the letter designates the floor level; 1 for the first floor, 2 for the second floor, and 3 for the third floor. Portable classrooms are designated as PC or P. For a virtual tour of the campus, click here.

4) What classes are available for my child to take?

Please refer to the Course Catalog.

5) In what activities can my child participate?

Please refer to the Student Government and Activities pages.

6) I want to support the athletic teams. When do they play?

For a complete listing of schedules by sports, go to the Athletics page.

7) How do I contact my child's counselor?

Call the main counselor number at (808) 974-4833.

8) What should I do to prepare for an emergency that occurs while my child is at school?

There are several things the school recommends you do:

File an emergency card and emergency treatment card with the school. If any of the information changes, please inform the school.
Listen for announcements of school closings to be broadcast on TV or radio. Or, you can call the Hawaii District office at 974-6602 or the Civil Defense Office for information.
Let your child know where you will be and the telephone number where you can be reached during the day.
Create emergency pick up/drop off plans with trusted friends or relatives. Do not expect your teen driver to be fully responsible for family members in times of emergency. The adult is in charge. Make clear your expectations and emergency plans.
During the cold and rainy season, reinforce proper eating, sleeping, and dressing habits with your children. As flu and cold viruses spread, students need to be healthy, resistant, and resilient so absences are minimized.

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10) Why isn't the website being displayed properly?

This website looks best using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer, try making the browser's font size smaller. To do this, click on View at the menu bar. Then click on text size and select smaller.