About Waiakea High School

Waiakea High School is the comprehensive public high school of the Central Hilo Area. Total enrollment in grades 9-12 is approximately 1,300 students. Accredited by the Hawai'i Department of Education and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.The student body is made up of a broad mixture of ethnic groups including Pacific Islanders, Asian-Americans, Caucasians, and a small number of immigrant students mainly from the Philippine Islands and Southeast Asia.

Waiakea High School graduated its first class in June, 1980. Eighty percent of our graduates enter college, forty percent of whom enroll in four (4) year institutions. Waiakea High School is a comprehensive high school.

Waiakea High School was twice recognized as one of the top United States Secondary Schools as selected by the U.S. Department of Education (1988-1989 and 1995-1996). Waiakea High was also selected as one of "America's Best" in Redbook Magazine's First Annual High School Report (1991-1992). Redbook also selected Waiakea High for the second time in 1995-1996 and further identified Waiakea as the "Best in the State".

About The Community

The Central Hilo Area is located within Hilo, the largest city on the island of Hawai'i, and has a population slightly over 40,000 people. The community houses strong progrmas in astronomy, forestry, education, and industry. The central Hilo Area has lower per capita income and higher unemployment rates than the state average. The Waiakea Complex within the Central Hilo Area includes two elementary schools, one intermediate
school and one high school.