Consistent student attendance for all classes is critical for student achievement and success.  The primary responsibility for school attendance rests with the parents and students themselves.  The schools will assist parents and students in meeting this responsibility.


Students at Waiākea High School will be required to attend 94% of each of their classes to achieve credit.  Lectures, class discussions, guided practice, student participation, and teacher follow-up are essential.  There is no substitute for the student being in their classroom.  Students will be held accountable for their absences.  If their absences exceed the allowable amount per semester, opportunity will be provided for students to make-up academic class time missed by attending Saturday School.


Saturday School is by no means intended to be a punitive measure.  It is, rather, an academic study opportunity for students to make up lost seat time for each of their respective classes.  A policy such as this must be consistent for all students on campus.  This policy is intended to impress upon all students that school attendance should not be taken lightly, and their diligence in attending classes on time daily will help them achieve more academically.  This policy is intended to enhance the attitude that it is difficult for students to be successful if they are not attending their classes regularly.




At the beginning of each of the two (2) semesters during the school year, all students will start with ZERO absences.  Each student is allowed five (5) absences per class per semester.  Absences in excess of five must be made up prior to the end of each semester in order for students to receive a passing grade for each of their classes.  After the fifth (5th) absence of the semester, they will need to make up time lost from class instruction by attending Saturday School.  They will be required to attend a 60 minute period in Saturday School for each period they owe for each of their classes.  Students will be able to make up four (4) one hour periods per Saturday, with a maximum of two (2) for each class.



Saturday School is held in the cafeteria, unless otherwise stated.  In order to be admitted into Saturday School, students must report on time with study materials and assignments.  Any student arriving tardy will not be allowed admittance.  Transportation to and from Saturday School is the responsibility of the student.  While in attendance, all students will sit quietly and complete their respective assignments, or engage in independent reading and/or writing.  Generally, talking is not allowed except during specified times during each session as permitted by the Saturday School Monitor.  Any student who does not follow Saturday School rules while in attendance will be asked to leave and consequently will not receive credit for attending Saturday School that day.



There are two (2) sessions, each having two (2) one hour periods.  There is a 20- minute break between each session.  Students may make-up a total of four (4) periods per Saturday; however, not more than two (2) per subject per Saturday.


1st Session          8:00 – 9:00        1st Period            2nd Session         10:20 – 11:20    1st Period

                            9:00 – 10:00      2nd Period                                       11:20 – 12:20    2nd Period


Students must be on time to either session, or they will not be allowed admittance.  If a student leaves during a session, he/she many not return during that same session.  If a student is late for the 8:00 session, he/she will not be admitted until the 10:20 session.


Students are strongly encouraged to do two (2) things: (1) Make-up absences as soon as possible; and (1) Consider, as a positive option, attending Saturday School to make-up all absences, thus enabling the student to “zero” out all absences in the event of an untimely illness or absences close to the end of the semester.



Students will be allowed to make up absences on a one-to-one system, meaning that for EACH class period missed during the week, they can make up that specific period by attending one period of Saturday School. 


This means that students have the option to attend Saturday School tutoring to make each one of their absences, even each of the first five (5) absences.  Thus students have the opportunity to “ZERO” out their absences, students are not always on the verge of failing unless they attend Saturday school and 2) It gives students the opportunity to keep their absences well below five in the event of an untimely illness just prior to the end of the semester.



A student is not marked absent when he/she is involved in extra-curricular or other school-related activities such as field trips, athletics, etc., provided teachers have been properly notified prior to a scheduled activity.  Any absences caused by activities NOT sanctioned and approved by the Department of Education will be considered unexcused absences.



Upon reaching his/her fifth absence, the student will be notified by the teacher in writing that any future absences will need to be made up by attending Saturday School, or the student will not receive credit for that respective subject.  This “Five Day Absence Notification” form will be signed by the student and take home for parental signature and then returned to the teacher.  Copies of this notification from will be provided to the student, teacher and administration.  Please make sure that the school registrar’s office, 974-4888 ext 225, has accurate and updated information regarding home and work phone numbers, as well as addresses.


Please remember that school attendance is the primary responsibility of the student and their parents.  We encourage parents to contact the child’s counselor to check on his/her academic progress as well as attendance status.  Any questions or concerns regarding attendance may be addressed to the attendance coordinator at 974-4888 ext 233.



It is the student’s responsibility to reach his/her class on time everyday.  Lockouts will be enforced everyday for every class throughout the school year.  Students will be required to be in their classrooms before the tardy bell rings.  If students are tardy to class, they will need to check in at GRAC and will be sent to class with a pass.  They will also be marked absent for that respective class period.



The five allowable absences per class per semester are designed for legitimate situations, which may cause occasional, unpredictable, or untimely absence.  These allowable absences are definitely not used for purposely cutting class or being truant in any manner.  Legitimate situations would include, yet, not be restricted to the following examples:  a) late transportation; b) normal illness such as the common cold or flu; c) medical, vision, or dental appointments; d) family outings or gatherings, and e) personal or family situations which may prohibit attendance in school for some reason.  The examples just stated would not require any notes from parents as they are valid reasons for an excused absence.  They are, however, still counted toward Saturday School make up. As stated in Section C, students will have the opportunity to “zero” out their absences by attending Saturday School.  All requests to excuse absences must be turned in by the END OF THE QUARTER in which they occur.



Parent and/or doctor notes for the common cold or flu will not be necessary or required and therefore will not be accepted; thus, seeing the doctor in these cases is not necessarily required.  Common illnesses such as the cold or flu are legitimate absences, which are counted toward Saturday School make up.  The only doctor notes, which will be accepted, are for long-term or chronic illnesses, sudden serious injury, or other medical conditions, which may cause frequent absence from school.



If a student has a situation where there are extenuating circumstances or reasons affecting regular classroom attendance, this student’s case may be presented before the Attendance Coordinator to determine whether Saturday School attendance would be waived or reduced.  Case reviews would only take place if the students attendance situation is deemed unique and extenuating enough to where the stated policy guidelines.