Special Education Department (SPED)

Department Head: Harmony Seivert

It has been the goal of the Special Education Department to educate students in the least restrictive environment, to the maximum extent appropriate with students who are not disabled.

Waiakea High School supports an inclusive model of a "whole school" approach that incorporates special education as a service in general education. The special education students will be supported by special education teachers and educational assistants in the general education classes. The activities and assessments for these classes will be modified and/or accommodated, if necessary, as directed by the Individual Education Program (IEP).

Department Teachers:

  • Jessica Alipio
  • Roxanne Beckley
  • Theresa De Mello
  • Heather Fomenko
  • Charles Fulton
  • Cynthia Haraguchi
  • Erin Hill
  • Judy Kruse
  • Colleen Otani
  • Dawn Raymond
  • Art Roberts
  • Harmony Seivert
  • Reid Shikuma