Science Department

 The Science program of study at Waiakea High School provides learning experiences for all students to develop scientific literacy so that they may maintain and improve the quality of their lives and participate effectively as members of a global society.  Instructional experiences are designed to help students meet the Science Content Standards and the following goals:

 1.        To understand and apply the processes, ways of thinking and dispositions that humans have while investigating the natural world. 

2.      To understand and apply the knowledge we know today about the world around us to our curiosities and in our daily lives.

 Department Chairperson:  Layne Takahashi

 Science Department Teachers:
       Nancy Ballo – Biology, Marine Science
       Adrian De Mello – Chemistry, AP Chemistry
       Robin Fujioka – Biology, Chemistry
       Dale Olive – Chemistry, Physics
       Kari Sato – Physical Science
       Layne Takahashi – Biology, Human Physiology, AP Biology
Lance Tominaga – Physical Science, Biology


Science teachers who are also members of other departments:

Whitney Aragaki (Math) – AP Environmental Science
       Heather Fomenko (SpEd) – Physical Science
       Patty Gutzeit (CTE) – Earth System Science
Tom Murphy (CTE) – Earth System Science