Industrial and Engineering Technology (IET)

Public and Human Services (PHS)

Department Chairperson:  Derrick Kiyan

Waiakea High School students can select from a large variety of electives offered by Industrial and Engineering Technology and Public Human Services divisions of CTE.   The specific programs and elective courses follow:

Industrial and Engineering Technology (IET)

  • IET Career Pathway Core
  • Building and Construction Technology 1,2
  • Construction Academy Blueprint Reading
  • Design Technology
  • Electricity and Electronics
  • Computer Electronics
  • Electronic Technology 1,2
  • Automotive Technology 1,2
  • Automotive Body Repair and Refinishing 1,2
  • Directed Studies in Industrial and Engineering Technology

Natural Resources

  • Natural Resources Career Pathway Core
  • Natural Resource Production 1, 2 (Aquatic/Terrestrial)
  • Directed Studies in Natural Resources

Public and Human Services

  • Public and Human Services Pathway Core
  • Culinary 1,2
  • Directed Studies in Public and Human Services
  • Public and Human Services Career Pathway Capstone

The Content standards for these courses include the following:

  1. Technological Literacy: as students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to design, modify, use and apply technology.
  2. Career and Life Planning: as students develop self-knowledge, explore different educational, career and life options and design and implement these plans.
  3. Skills for Life and Work: as students develop skills and attributes that are critical to a person's ability to navigate the world in and out of school, at work, and at home.
  4. Structure of Organizations and Work: as students gain a degree of understanding of simple and complex organizations, develop effective leadership skills and incorporate the perspectives of management, workers, volunteers, and the community in the study of organizations.
  5. Individual, Family, and Community Development: as students develop knowledge and understanding of how individuals grow and develop within the context of various family and community systems.

Department Teachers:

  • Patty Gutzeit – Culinary 1,2
  • Sam Halsted –  IET Core; Bldg and Constr 1,2; Design Tech; Directed Studies
  • Derrick Kiyan – Auto Tech 1, Auto Body Rep/Ref 1; Directed Studies; Learning Ctr Coord
  • Robert Kobayashi – Natural Res Core; Natural Res Prod 1,2; Auto Tech 2; Auto Body Rep/Ref 2; Directed Studies
  • Tom Murphy – IET Core; Electricity/Elec; Electronic Tech 1,2; Computer Tech; Directed Studies
  • Robert Garnett (HawCC instructor) – Building and Constr 1,2 (co-teach); Const Acad Blueprnt Rdg