Fine Arts: Music

"Music exalts the human spirit. It enhances the quality of life. It brings joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment to every human being. It is one of the most powerful, compelling, and glorious manifestations of human culture."
--Music Educators National Conference,1996

The goal of music education is to develop in each student the ability to perform, create, understand, and value music. To achieve this goal, the program must be comprehensive, authentic, and grounded in a philosophy that music is:

  1. an important part of basic education
  2. a discipline of knowledge
  3. an art form
  4. a fundamental part of aesthetic education
  5. a creative and interpretive process
  6. a form of communication
  7. a structured curriculum

Each of these seven dimensions supports a sequential program of music education that accommodates all students from kindergarten through high school.

A balanced music education program fosters students' musical, aesthetic, and affective growth into their adult years. The Hawai'i standards provide long-term and short-term goals for a well-educated citizenry.

Music Teacher:

  • Ms. Elise Reinert