Mathematics Department

Department Head: Kyle Anderson

Mathematics is seen as both a science of pattern and order and as a form of communication for describing the world. As such, instructional practices must actively involve students in exploring, conjecturing, analyzing, and applying mathematics in both real-world and mathematical contexts, as well as in communicating mathematical ideas. With instructional emphasis moving from just "getting the correct answer" to justifying the solution and communicating how that solution was found, assessment of mathematical understanding using a variety of methodologies has become an integral part of instruction.

As societal needs continue to increase and change, the appropriate mathematical goals for students are to acquire and value mathematical literacy and fluency.

  1. Students will be living in a world where their decisions must be based on quantitative understanding and reasoning. It will be essential for all students to recognize and value the necessity for lifelong learning of relevant mathematics.
    -To develop cultural literacy.
  2. Mathematics is contextual and relies upon agreements among the people who use it. Understanding the history of mathematics in their culture and using mathematics successfully celebrates this achievement and allows further evolution of mathematics.
    - To become confident problem solvers.
  3. Students should be able to use mathematics as a tool for solving problems they encounter. Every student should acquire a repertoire of problem-solving strategies.
    - To communicate mathematical ideas verbally, in writing and through mathematical representations to various audiences.
  4. Mathematics allows people to deal with aspects of reality and provides the language for describing certain phenomena. Students will be able to discuss mathematical ideas with people who may not have the mathematical background or experience to understand the concepts involved or the thinking that resulted in these ideas.

Department Teachers:

  • Kyle Anderson  
  • Whitney Aragaki
  • Cynthia Chow
  • Eric Hagiwara
  • Gordon Mau
  • Lisa Morikawa
  • Jill Yamamoto