English Language Arts Department

Department Head: Kimberly Castillo

Language is powerful. It is the means by which humans express and generate ideas, communicate beliefs, solve problems, and contribute to social change. Moreover, it is the perspective that drives the three major goals of the Language Arts Department.

These goals are:

  1. Develop competent language users who are able to use written and spoken language not only for communication, but for learning and reflection, for social and personal fulfillment, and to meet the demands of society and the workplace.
  2. Increase students' understandings of the English language and to improve their ability to use written and spoken language in a wide variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  3. Enrich students' lives and build their understanding of the many facets of the human experience through literature.

English Language Arts Department Teachers:

  • Kimberly Castillo
  • Mireille Ellsworth
  • Zaida Igawa (ELL)
  • Susan Izawa
  • Johanna Kaupu
  • Raenette Marino
  • Shellie Naungayan
  • Sarah Polloi
  • Colleen Ray
  • Kenrick Uyeda (PSSAS)