Smaller Learning Communities Academies

Waiakea High School has been redesigned into smaller learning communities (SLC).  Smaller learning communities create an atmosphere in which teachers and other adults in the school know the needs, interests and aspirations of each student.  Every student in our school, as well as each member of our staff, identifies with one of 5 academies.

Students begin in the Freshman Academy, and then select one of 4 career academies in their sophomore year.

Support for our SLCs come from a USDOE federal grant, Pinnacle of Success, which support our vision: Every student will graduate with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications needed for success in postsecondary education and high-skilled careers without the need for remediation.

Professional Development

Waiakea High School has partnered with American Alliance for Innovative Schools.  Our SLC Resources page is here:

Educational Departments

At Waiakea High School we facilitate educational departments which provide the attending students with the broad knowledge base they need in order to compete in the world around them and serve as contributing members of society. The following is a list of the educational departments currently established for the 2008-2009 school year; click on the name of the department to view the department webpage.

Academic Competitions

Aside from the normal curriculum, WHS also encourages its students to enter into academic competitions which extend learning outside of the classroom and spur students to higher levels of achievement. Some of these competitions in which Waiakea High participates include Science Fair, and History Day.

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Additional Programs

Technology Learning Center (TLC)

Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) Learning Centers Program