Health and Physical Education

"The goal of Physical Education is to empower learners to actualize a vision of themselves as competent movers with the skills, knowledge and desire to become life-long participants in physical activities."

--PE Content Standards, Work Group, 1999

Department Head: Michael Smith

The Health and Physical Education Department emphasizes the basic fundamentals and skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, physical fitness, sportsmanship and social skills on and off the playing field, and the appreciation and enjoyment of lifelong activities. In health courses, the department emphasizes effective learning that results in positive attitudes and behaviors involving a person's total well-being and interdependence of physical, mental, emotional and social health.

Health and Physical Education Department Teachers:

  • Clifford Castro – PE Lifetime Fitness
  • Jon Higa – Health Strategies, Body Conditioning, Health Svc Career Pathway Capstone
  • Jessica Knapcik – Health Svc Career Pathway Core, Health Svc Career Pathway Capstone
  • Ron Nagata – Weight Training, Individual/Dual Sports, Clinical Health
  • Michael Smith – PE Lifetime Activities, Team Sports, Physical Fitness
  • Gregg Waki – Health Today and Tomorrow