Programs and Services for Secondary At-Risk Students (PSSAS)
Alternative Learning Center (ALC)

Department Head: Kenrick Uyeda

The Programs and Services for Secondary At-Risk Students (PSSAS) is designed to help identified students achieve goals in three main areas: Education, Self-Image and Social Skills.

The guidance objectives to meet these goals include:

1. Increasing the student's ability to cope with personal and social problems.
2. Increasing the student's ability to understand personal values and standards.
3. Being able to identify educational and/or make career decisions.
4. Being able to develop goals and objectives.

The instructional objectives include improvement in school attendance and improvement in attitude and social skills.
Special Motivation classes (SMC) provide basic academic subjects to identified target students. These subjects include English 9-12; Social Studies (World History and Culture, U.S. History and Government); and Modern History of Hawaii and Participation in a Democracy.

Students who show improvement academically and socially are given an opportunity to become part of a Work/Study program where they may earn course credit.

Students who require an alternative education may participate in a modified, program called the Alternative Learning Center to earn their high school diploma.

CSAP Department Teachers:

  • Kenrick Uyeda
  • Kristie Calicdan
  • Johnalynn Lyman-Mandaloniz