Fine Arts Department:
Visual Arts

Department Head: Audrey Kelly

The goal of a visual arts program is to develop visually literate and aesthetically sensitive students who function in society as producers, appreciators, and consumers of art, capable of making informed judgments that enhance the quality of their lives.

  1. The visual arts serve as a means to help students achieve the General Learner Outcomes.
  2. The visual arts provide students with the opportunity to develop cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor skills and abilities.
  3. Arts education standards help ensure that the study of the arts is disciplined, well-focused, a comprehensive enterprise, and that arts instruction has a point of reference for assessing its results.


Art Department Teachers:

  • Audrey Kelly – Drawing and Painting 1,2,3;  Photography 1,2; Directed Studies-Art
  • Sherlette Shiigi – General Art 1,2; Ceramics 1,2,3