The BEST (Business, engineering, sciences & technology) Academy



The Business, Engineering, Sciences & Technology (BEST) Academy will encourage the pursuit and perseverance in the careers of Business, Engineering, Sciences and Technology with work based knowledge and experience, and a strong academic foundation to become a contributing member of society.


Students in the BEST Academy will strive to meet industry standards and gain knowledge and skills necessary for success in the areas of business, engineering, sciences and technology. Students have the opportunity to apply these skills in establishing and managing a small business. The Cooperative Education or Directed Studies class is where students learn job skills and gain work experience in the various strands offered. Students have the opportunity to join the Technology Learning Center (TLC) or a Career & Technical Student Organization (CTSO), such as DECA, FBLA, Skills USA, FFA or the WHS Robotics Program which will enrich their experiences through real-world application.


Waiakea High School BEST Academy

Your future in the hands of the BEST!

-Kyle Kosaki and Bryton Otani